Typology >Activiste d'intervention éphémère

Activiste d'intervention éphémère


Les cultivateurs sèment des graines dans les espaces publics.


Finalité principale de la démarche du cultivateur Démarche politique. Par exemple : appropriation de l’espace public, souveraineté alimentaire Le fait de cultiver est un acte militant


Espaces publics Lien entre cultivateur et produits cultivés Les produits cultivés ne sont pas consommés par les cultivateurs

Profils des personnes

Habitants, citoyens, membres de collectifs auto-organisés Compétences et formation en AU Capacité à organiser des interventions, Organisation Connaissances pour fabriquer des semences (Ex : boules d’argile)

AGRI-Culture – ville et champs, Geneva 2014

Villes et champs 26022013 PLAN 1TO250_MT


AGRI-Culture addresses three basic topics: the recovery and reclamation of water, the growing, planting, harvesting and

celebrating of food and the appropriation and animation of place.


Rainwater harvesting is an essential component to successful
urban agriculture projects. …
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Lausanne Jardins Persp2 130314 MT_flatten


Earthling + Seedling addresses the preciousness of resources such as water and energy, the cycle of growing, planting,
harvesting and enjoying plants for food and the relationships of people and place.


Water is a resource which …
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Landworks laboratorio del paesaggio 2012 (L3)

L3 Landworks Keynote 120604 155

The Landworks laboratorio del paesaggio 2012 (L3) situates its activity within the second official installation of Landworks. Founded by the assemblage of eleven young researchers from North America, Europe and Asia, the team performs within the geomorphologic limits of the …
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My Master Thesis in Urban Agriculture_Roma Tre University a.a.2012/2013

The thesis develops a research project in  Rome suburbs and it takes account of an area where is expected the edification of 2 new neighborhoods for 4500 inhabitants.
We asked ourselves …
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Guerrilla Grafters: Splicing fruit-Bearing Branches Onto City Trees

1281 diagram

In 2013, Vancouver completed the largest urban orchard in North America. The site, a former gas station, is rented by Sole Food from the city of Vancouver for $1 per year. Situated near a train station, this once abandoned site …
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Union Street Orchard

1014 P2

The Union Street Orchard was a temporary installation of floating and in-ground agriculture. It’s construction was part of the London Festival of Architecture and transformed a parking lot in the SE1 neighborhood of London into an urban orchard and community …
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1013 P2

Residents opposed the demolition of a building and the cutting down of trees on the property, in preparation for the building of a school. They organized and decided to use the site for a permaculture garden that is managed seasonally …
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