How to participate

There are three levels of participation within the site:

Public: The public has open access to Food Urbanism Atlas, Events and Forum postings.

Member: Members of have the ability to comment on Food Urbanism Atlas, Events and Forum postings, upload an Atlas project, or inscribe a team. To become a member, please register here.

Team: All teams must be approved. To become a team, please have the team leader join as a member, then inscribe your team by clicking the link in the column on the left. Once your team has been approved, you will receive a link to your personal team page. We encourage you to edit this page, post Events, Atlas projects, or Forum discussions, or even submit your work for a project review. Additional members may be added to a team by clicking the Teams tab in the Dashboard menu and selecting the members you wish to add. aims to establish a dynamic, mesh-like connection with the world of urban agriculture and its many actors working in the area of spatial development. Comprised of academic and professional teams and individuals researching in the field, the core laboratory intentions concentrate on systematic investigations to discover, interpret, advance and develop ways in which the food cycles and urban development coalesce in the generative processes that impact urban life, city space, food production and all their overlaps and permutations.

To facilitate this endeavor, we encourage you to join us. By inscribing your team, you will be able to contribute to the growing discourse, share your work, and communicate with and learn from others working in the global Food Urbanism Movement.



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