Guerrilla Grafters: Splicing fruit-Bearing Branches Onto City Trees

In 2013, Vancouver completed the largest urban orchard in North America. The site, a former gas station, is rented by Sole Food from the city of Vancouver for $1 per year. Situated near a train station, this once abandoned site is now a green space producing more then 500 trees. Members of the organization have spent several months cleaning up the contaminated site. A selection of the fruits produced includes: apples, pears, cherries, plums, figs, limes, and many aromatic herbs. One of the particularities of this project compared with other gardens owned by the organization is its flexibility. The trees are planted in boxes especially built to be rapidly removed by lift trucks and transported on to other sites. Sole Food is a social economy enterprise that has 25 employees.  Many of them struggle with poverty, mental illnesses, or drug addiction. With this project, Sole food expects to double its production passing from 30 tons to 60 tons.

DESIGNERS: Guerrilla Farmers


EDITOR’S NOTE: The flexibility of the installations makes this project a good option for temporary occupation of vacant sites by productive plantings.

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