Where do your vegees come from ?

P1030001 P1030018 P1110756 Refrigerator Locations Refrigerator Presence

Where do your vegetables come from? In big cities people tend to forget where and how food is produced. The installation was an effort to bring together food consumption and production in a simple direct way. The aim of the project was to explain that food has a previous process before being packaged, sold and consumed. The installation was in a big part constructed from recycled materials: an old non-functioning refrigerator, old food cans and bottles, and vegetable plants and paint. In this     order of ideas, cans of tomatoes contain tomato plants, soda bottles hanging strawberries, and refrigerator drawers growing potatoes…

The installation was placed in a visible place and the original idea conceived it being reproduced or transported to different locations.

FUI design research developed and constructed by VWA. Summer 2012

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