Lufa Prototype Farm

Lufa Farms responds to a desire to have fresh food that does not require a long journey and multiple steps between its growth and consumption in Montreal. The idea is to create a prototype, that can be replicated. However it has started with an ambitious rooftop greenhouse. It functions as a CSA, growing 25 varieties of vegetables without pesticides, fungicides or herbicides.

Lufa Farms goal is to connect the consumer to the farm and does this by putting urban space under cultivation. As a prototype, its aims to test urban viability agriculturally and economically.


EDITOR’S NOTE: It does not simply recreate the CSA model or the rooftop farm model but is pushing the ideas in new directions. For example, it distributes in a fashion that is between a store and a weekly CSA. It produces under the direction of university researchers as well as farmers and marketers.

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