Loutet Park

The Loutet Park Farm is a pilot project which seeks to address a wide range of issues of urban quality through the creation of an urban farm in an under-used portion of a public park in Vancouver, British Columbia. The project is a partnership of three organizations: city of North Vancouver, North Shore Neighborhood House, and the University of British Columbia’s Greenskins Lab. It aims to connect citizens with food production and cycles while providing community access to fresh, local produce.

There exists a research component to the project which tests both the economic viability of urban farming practices and the success of the farm as a new park typology, developing a case for and method of integration of agriculture into public parks across Canada. In addition, the partnership is seeking to develop the farm as a “social enterprise”.

SOURCE: http://www.cnv.org/Your-Government/Living-City/Urban-Agriculture/Loutet-Park-Farm

EDITOR’S NOTE: The site is ideal for public urban agriculture as it is currently an underutilized, flat landscape, with full sun exposure and full accessibility to the public. This piece of land, which previously had little use will potentially become a commercially viable urban agriculture model that will inspire members of the community to use it as a public amenity.

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