Downsview Park and FoodCycles CSA

Downsview Park International Design Competition was launched over a decade ago and since then the Park has realized its vision and put in place a foundation for a sustainable future. The Park is a recreational greenspace incorporating both open space, recreational and cultural areas, as well as repurposing the historic aviation buildings to create a setting that will attract a diverse array of people, and to do so on a self-financing basis.

Three greenhouses and two acres of land are dedicated to urban farming initiatives. Foodcycles, Urban Harvest, Fresh City Farms, the Toronto Beekeepers Co-op, have moved into Downsview Park to grow produce in an urban community. The Park contributed to each organization’s work by providing land and/or greenhouses at a nominal cost. Construction is also underway on The Orchard, a new public area,stretching more than one hectare.


EDITOR’S NOTE: This multi-functional park was born as a result of a competition to design a self-funding national park. As a result that park has had to balance investment and event funding against the costs of Park programming and maintenance. Leasing revenue is a significant source of funding for the park.

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