Bastille Restaurant Rooftop Garden

Bastille cafe, like many organic and sustainable restaurants, source their products from local farmers and purveyors whenever possible. However Bastille Cafe has taken this a step further by sourcing vegetables from their own roof. A 4,500 square foot garden of raised-bed planter boxes are used to grow their own lettuces and herbs. They even have their own bee hive!

Installed and maintained by Colin McCrate of Seattle Urban Farm Company, the boxes are irrigated and heated to keep fresh greens producing throughout the year. Their produce is found across their menus in various dishes and cocktails including tomatoes, cucumbers, beans, arugula, lettuce, minutina, purple mizuna, radish, peppergrass, basil, spilanthes, chives, parsley, spearmint, bay, oregano, rosemary, and dill.


EDITOR’S NOTE: This scheme not only provides local, organic, home grown vegetables to the restaurant all year round, but it also creates a unique ethos which can be used to promote the restaurant.

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