Urban Agriculture Basel

As a nonprofit organization , the Urban Agriculture Network Basel encourages the production of foods, herbs , flowers , livestock and medicinal plants , living in the city of Basel and the agglomeration people. In this case , the association is committed to the objectives of sustainable local development , social and environmental – the nature conservation , biodiversity and people here and elsewhere.
The network of urban agriculture Basel club itself considers a network of individuals and organizations within the active object ( or promotion passively ) is active.
The Urban Agriculture Network Basel understood as an expression of civic popular movement unrelated to religious organizations , political parties or economic sectors and interests . It used to preserve floor used in agriculture and for the change of use of land to produce food. It expects its members to move into the production of food for Bio Suisse guidelines www.bio- suisse.ch
Desirable are a variety of activities and initiatives, including the combination creates the need for structures. Activities may versatile inside (eg as regards the development of the company as an organization and as a place of special knowledge and skills) to be directed outward or (eg terms of social, cultural , political and economic ) . Therefore, can pursue goals such as education , training , social inclusion , intercultural communication , community development , interior design , health through exercise , health through food safety the reduction of poverty , self-sufficiency and security of supply , local economic development, development assistance inside and urban agriculture network Basel through self-sufficiency , ecology, biodiversity, climate change more urban , etc.

SOURCE : http://www.urbanagriculturebasel.ch/homepage.php



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Craig P. Verzone is a principal at Verzone Woods Architectes and team leader of the Food Urbanism Initiative.

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