Troy Gardens

Troy Garden is growing certified organic food including a community garden, a school training programs and a Community farm of 6 ha. The aim of the project are: learn to grow and prepare array of garden vegetables and fruits, increase people appreciation for outdoor exercise in urban gardens and natural areas and develop a greater appreciation of healthy, local food. The match between those programs allows Troy garden to join a large range of members from childhood to old age. Professional farm trainers, CSA members (Community Supported Agriculture) and voluntaries involvement manages vegetable cultivation, beekeeping, and natural areas based on permaculture principles. Business income as local markets sell and Madison FarmWorks project, witch partner farming and gardening to help area residents and businesses produce their own organic food at home, are also economic supports of Troy garden.

DESIGNERS: Zeigler Design Associates, Community Groundworks, and Madison Area Community Land Trust


EDITOR’S NOTE: It’s the first urban farm of the city and it’s really interesting to see how training and learning programs are materials supports to increase community knowledge about grow local food and to diffuse similar business in the area.


About Dani Alexander

Dani Alexander is a Master of Landscape Architecture student at the University of Virginia. She is an intern at Verzone Woods Architectes, Sarl.

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