Ravine city

The Toronto Ravine System, running like fingers through the city and housing diverse ecosystems, is Toronto’s defining natural feature. The artificial ravines function much like natural ravines – controlling water flow, cleansing the air as well as creating habitat and biomass. The ravine system offers large corridors of green space that have significant potential to be exploited for urban agriculture. Urban system of collective housing and food producing gardens are connected to Toronto’s ravines and rivers and help to strengthen the ecology network. The food production located on rooftop, terraces and open space allowing dwellers to take responsibility for the production, processing and distribution of their own food. A closed-loop system of water, waste and heat is proposed in order to reduce the neighborhood’s energy impact.

SOURCE: http://www.ryerson.ca/carrotcity/city.html


EDITORS NOTE: The strategy of integrating agriculture into urban ravine, creating a continuous productive finger through the city with ecological benefits.

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