Plantages de Lausanne

The city master plan for Lausanne revealed a need for more urban garden space. To achieve this, the city identified underused spaces in dense neighborhoods across the city, and equipped them with modest infrastructure to support gardening.  Each allotment space is small and is located close to the home of the person who tends to it. Trees or greenhouses are not permitted. The Plantages program promotes energy conservation and organic practices on its sites. The program has a flexible strategy, is low-cost and easy to build. The goals of the project is: to diversify urban vegetation, to allow citizens to reconnect with the pleasures of gardening, to build a stronger attachment to their local environment, and to build a lively and connected community through meetings and exchanges in the productive gardens.


EDITOR’S NOTE: The Plantage typology responds to a need that the existing family garden typology does not meet. The individual family garden requires more land and doesn’t promote community life and a shared goal like the plantages.

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