Plantages de Bourdonnette

The work of the redevelopment of the Bourdonnette neighborhood began in 1998, with an overall project of public spaces. The Municipality responded to the desire of the Foundation for Lausanne housing (FLCL) and its tenants to upgrade infrastructure and improve the image of the neighborhood.

This lengthy renovation, conducted by the department of parks and promenades, was realized in different stages, it helped to give visibility to the area and restore spaces of conviviality and recreation for many families ( around 1,700 inhabitants)

The Bourdonnete neighborhood is using buffer space between housing and a highway for recreation and agriculture, reclaiming public space for the 1700 inhabitants. Family garden plots exist for 42 families.

EDITOR’S NOTE: The Municipality of Lausanne constructed upgraded residential buildings and the Department of Parks renovated the exterior public space.  This public engagement demonstrates the governments recognition of agriculture as a part of a comprehensive healthy urban planning strategy.

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