Verzone Woods Architectes

VWA was founded in 1995 by landscape architect and urban designer Craig P. Verzone and architect Cristina Woods. After working on their own for the first 5 years they have since relied upon the collaboration of 2 to 8 colleagues at any given time. VWA offers an internship program which brings students from around the world to the studio for 2 to 6 month periods. Verzone and Woods are both highly invested in the interdependence of teaching and practice.

VWA is a collaborative, multi-disciplinary practice working on landscape, urban design, and architecture projects as well as temporary installations and exploring the intersection of these realms is essential to our design process.
VWA project typologies span the following categories:

1. Icons
2. Urban
3. Residential
4. Objects
5. Ephemeral
6. Planning
7. Research
8. Teaching

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Evaluation du potentiel d’aménagement de serres sur les toits du Valon à Lausanne

Screen shot 2012-10-31 at 23.38.45

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M.E.P La Casaz

pers 003

Le MEP de la Casaz, à Bulle vise la qualité d’intégration paysagère d’un nouvel ensemble de logements dans un tissu villageois de faible densité. Le site, à proximité immédiate du centre, offre un cadre paysager exceptionnel bénéficiant de vues remarquables, …
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