Central Park, Nangan, Matsu Islands

The island is part of the democratic entity in Lienchiang County of the Fujian Province of the Republic of China (ROC). The government gave the local government the ability to create their own central “square”. The town and citizens decided to create a town garden that occupies the central open space in the town, is designed according to feng shui principles and is the most prominent space in the town. Municipal buildings border the garden park. It shows the importance and prominence that food production and local participation hold for the town.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Successful urban agriculture right in the heart of the town. The plots are well organized and cared for by the local residents and are completely open to the public, so to be enjoyed by all.

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  1. The correct name of the place is Nangan township on Nangan Island and it’s part of the Matsu Islands.
    They are not under control of Central Gouverment or Communist China, the Matsu Islands are part of a democratic country as Lienchiang County of the Fujian Province of the Republic of China (ROC) aka Taiwan. It is a little bit confusing as the as the People’s Republic of China (PRC) aka China Mainland has a county and province with the same and claims the islands as part of it (as Mazu township), where they historicall belonged too.

  2. Very good of you to respond with some better precision regarding the project. Would you be able to source any additional information regarding the Park in Nangan?
    Thanks, Craig Verzone

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