International Colloquium of Urban Agriculture – Casablanca, Morocco

The  action-research project Urban Agriculture as an Integrative Factor for Climate-Optimised Urban Development, Casablanca (UAC 2005-2013), supported by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) within the research program Future Megacities, is organising a closing event on the contributions of Urban Agriculture to the urban development of future megacities in the global South.

Following a transdisciplinary approach, as the UAC-project itself, the International Colloquium on Urban Agriculture (ICUA) aims at sharing knowledge, experiences and practices between stakeholders and multipliers of various backgroundsto reflect on upcoming challenges facing future megacities and the possible role of Urban Agriculture.

ICUA-Casa will offer a platform to discuss the outcome of more than eight years of Moroccan-German collaboration and place them in the global discussion on the development of cities and urban agriculture. Further approaches, projects, and actions from other urban contexts worldwide will be presented to enrich the dialogue. The colloquium will revolve around the key issues of transferability and the anchoring of food policies in urban development.

Keywords: Agriculture, Urban Development, Urban Food System, Climate change, Governance, Poverty Alleviation, Transdisciplinarity, Action-Research, Water & Resources, Rural-Urban Linkages.





About Craig Verzone

Craig P. Verzone is a principal at Verzone Woods Architectes and team leader of the Food Urbanism Initiative.

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