Eethuis / Eathouse

The Eathouse is a scaffolding structure which accommodates plastic crates which are planted with fruits and vegetables. The scaffolding forms a “house” shape, and the planted modular crates become the walls and ceiling. Because the crates are modular and the scaffolding can be disassembled, the entire structure can be set up in a different location each growing season.

The Eathouse manages a modular greenwall out of off-the-shelf products. This makes the project inexpensive and adaptable to a number of urban spatial conditions. The “easy up – easy down” nature of the project means it can be worthwhile in a growing site which may only be available temporarily. While the notion of a house is unconvincing, one can gain the benefits of a shade structure while increasing plantable surface area in the garden.


EDITOR’S NOTE: The project has an integrated irrigation system to make watering this structure quick and easy. A perforated pipe is woven through all planting modules so the whole structure can be irrigated at the turn of a tap.

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