Edible Park, City Farm Herweijerhoeve, Zuiderpark

The project is part of the Hague city farm Herweijerhoeve in the Zuiderpark and the Amateur Market Gardener’s Association ‘Nut en Genoegen’. Permaculture is used although the goal is primarily educational and artistic. The public is encouraged to interact with the park/exhibit. Spaces are designed for formal gathering as well as experiential learning and circulation.  The Edible Park is a project by the English artist Nils Norman. With Edible Park Norman aims to explore what gardening could mean for a city like The Hague. City residents are invited to come and learn how they can grow their own fruits and vegetables. The municipality is using the project to examine whether other public green areas can be used in this way.

SOURCE: http://www.stroom.nl/paginas/pagina.php?pa_id=8063523

EDITOR’S NOTE: The project asks what is the “surplus value” of agriculture, especially permaculture, in our cities. This point is a critical ideological bridge needed to bring the food cycle back into urban areas – value is more than simply money or calories that can create, augment, foster or fortify elements of our urban lifestyles and culture.

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