Eagle Street Rooftop Farms

Eagle Street Rooftop Farm is a large rooftop garden in a dense urban area. The building owners worked with Goode Green to develop and install the base greenroof. Crops are planted in 10 – 15cm of soil and 3 bee hives exist on the site where honey is produced. Distribution happens through an on site market, a CSA, and bicycle delivery to local restaurants.

The farm is run by Annie Novak along with a team of interns and volunteers. Because of the conditions of the site and their clients demands, the farm produces large quantities of tomatoes, kale, and swiss chard. There is a section dedicated to growing a more diverse crop for the CSA and a smaller area that demonstrates a “square-foot garden”. Their mission includes an educational component, hosting field trips, an internship program, and various educational programming.

SOURCE: http://rooftopfarms.org/

EDITOR’S NOTE: The farm makes good use of an otherwise underutilized warehouse roof with a full sun exposure. The rooftop farm also absorbs some of the rainwater which could not otherwise be absorbed by New York’s concrete streets, helping to reduce storm water run off.

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