Community Vehicular Reclamation Project

A car towed from the junkyard was filled with soil, the body work painted, planted with herbs, flower and vegetables then parked up on the street in the Kensington Market area of Toronto. This installation was one of the many anti-car events and actions in Toronto involving a group called “Streets Are For People” who focus on reclaiming car-dominated spaces for more enjoyable, creative and productive uses.

The Vehicular Reclamation project allowed the creation and maintenance of a small community garden in an intensely urban location.



EDITOR’S NOTE: The Community Vehicular Reclamation Project acts as a highly visible communication effort suggesting that green-spaces should be prioritized over vehicular storage spaces. To have had access to the public parking space for more than one year, the organizers need to ensure that the parking meter was always paid. These efforts force us to consider the potentially conflicting priorities between public space, productive landscape and car storage as well as the effects of private interests on public space, aesthetic choices for the public realm and appropriate and/or effective modes of public modes of communication.

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