Chef’s Farm

The “Chef’s Farm” is a small hydroponic greenhouse  that can be installed in a restaurant and can produce 20,000 heads of lettuce per year. It fits into a  kitchen and it supplies fresh vegetables on command with the utmost convenience.

The Chef’s Farm comes with five nutriculture beds, each of which is 2,750mm in width and 1,270mm in depth. Each bed is installed with long and thin metal frames on which lettuce seeds can be planted in sponges (one piece of sponge for a seed).

The metal frames are moved from right to left by inches as the vegetables grow. Seeds are planted in the rightmost frame, and grown vegetables are harvested from the leftmost frame.


EDITOR’S NOTE: This prototype cuts food miles to 0 and allows for the ultimate tailoring of food desire and need for consumers. The greenhouse allows for production in any climate at any time of year. It’s flexibility and the permutations of the idea has the potential to spread to many different outlets and encourage locally produced food at the most basic of scales.

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