Butler University campus farm

The students’ interest in local organic foods, sustainability, environmental justice, food security, and the interconnectedness of life on Earth lead to the concept of a farm located within the university campus.
The primary goals are to educate Butler students and the surrounding community about naturally grown food and urban farming whilst providing an example of an effective self-sustaining urban farm in Indianapolis.
The farm, situated close to the athletic fields, has a variety of crops including fruit trees, berries, herbs and a bee hive. The bee hive helps to pollinate crops and produces a modest amount of honey. The Butler students along with a full-time Farm Manager run the farm. Depending on the growing season, members of the community purchase the produce through Community Supported Agriculture (CSA).

SOURCE: http://butlercampusfarm.com/

EDITOR’S NOTE: Since 2010 Earth Charter Butler approached the Center for Urban Ecology about partnering on the urban farm. The farm also promotes volunteering involvement and educational programs.

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