Bagnolet’s Shepherd

Gilles Amar, a young shepherd and holder of an agricultural title, had wanted to introduce farm animals in Seine-Saint-Denis, in the city of Bagnolet, where he grew up. He and his herd composed of sheep and goats move from green patch to green patch between low-cost housing towers. Those under appreciated squares of grass are transformed into grazing prairies. “Jennifer” and “Jessica”, as the community members affectionately call the grazers, are now the stars of the neighborhood. With the help of the city hall, Amar made a map of the 3 hectares of pastureland available for his animals. He will soon have enough animals and land to produce milk and cheese for the community.

DESIGNERS: Gilles Amar


EDITOR’S NOTE: More then only using vacant space within the city to produce goods, Gilles Amar gives a second life to these abandoned areas, bring people together and offering them a better understanding of food production and an other point of view on the city.

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