« Nouveaux jardins »/ Bunte Gärten

Many refugees, asylum seekers and migrants suffer from dislocation and little social contact and the alienation can create psychological consequences.

In HEKS Neue Gärten Bern (New Gardens Bern) persons of migrational background jointly cultivate these family gardens, not only as a production space but also as a place of social exchange and recreation. The garden becomes a space for integration where their language skills and social connections can be strengthened.

A donation of 100 francs provides the member with garden tools, a piece of rented land for cultivation and free training and workshops.

SOURCE: http://www.heks.ch/

CONTACT: neuegaerten-bern@heks.ch

EDITOR’S NOTE: Gardening is used as a social catalyst to integrate migrant woman, who are often asylum seekers, into society. Alongside the benefits to the woman the project provides nutrience for the individual, a green space in the city, a network between different groups in society, therapeutic trauma processing and life skills.

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