Sharecropper NYC Micro Farming

Artist Leah Gauthier began exploring how people interact with food by building small pots from seed packages and distributing them around NYC. The artist is now using organic growing methods to plant rare and endangered heirloom vegetables and herbs, and to cultivate wild edibles on 17 parcels of donated land or growing spaces located in each of the five boroughs. A portion of the harvest will be shared with local soup kitchens, and series of public programming, including urban farming panel discussions, art happenings, and cooking performances around the city are being planned.

The project explores agricultural plant matter and wild edibles as sculptural material, community building through growing and cooking food, re-imagining land use, and re-incorporating agrarian sensibilities and simplicity into modern life.


EDITOR’S NOTE: Leah Gauthier’s work displays how growing vegetables can be an art form. Other examples of her work include floating or hanging crops and still life projects, all of which promotes the beauty in growing vegetables and hopefully inspires others to do the same.

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