Science Barge

The Science Barge is a closed system urban farm located on a barge docked in Yonkers, NY. The plants are grown in dense hydroponic systems where collected rainwater and purified river water are recycled through the system. The barge also features solar panels and wind turbines, making it a carbon-neutral food producing unit.

Though on water, the Science Barge stresses that their system should be used for rooftop farming. Because the barge is more accessible than most rooftops, and it shares many of the same qualities, it is used as a demonstration of what a urban rooftop farm could be. The Science Barge has a strong educational component like field trips and lesson plans, an interpretive arts program, and an adult education series.


EDITOR’S NOTE: This project doesn’t aim to feed a large population, rather to educate people and promote the technology available to make urban farming efficient.

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