Incredible edible

Incredible Edible is a campaign group for local food in an ex-industrial Yorkshire market town. They support and encourage a number of food related projects throughout the town some of which are located in unconventional locations such as the graveyard and local police station. Other projects including herb gardens, orchards and educational campaigns. The Incredible Edible group are working with public bodies within the town to utilise their land for food production including the fire station and railway station. They have received funding from a private grant and lottery funding. Every school within the town is now involved in growing their own food and promoting food-based learning. Campaigns encourage residents to grow their own food and support local farmers and food producers. One campaign “Every Egg Matters” asks the people of Todmorden to buy eggs from their local farmers.


EDITORS’ NOTE: Incredible Edible began its campaign by implementing small guerilla projects around the town which received positive feedback and curiosity from residents and local authorities. This pro-active and action led approach brought much positive attention to the group. Incredible Edible is now a social enterprise with a market garden, training center and  school food hub.

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