Hantz Farms Detroit

Hantz Farms Detroit aims to create the world’s largest urban farm. As Detroits population and economy have declined over the years, much of the city is vacant or dispersed across the city limits. John Hantz sees urban agriculture as a way to reinvigorate Detroit by providing hundreds of jobs, fresh and healthy produce, increased food security, and foster local economy by attracting visitors and customers to the farm.

Hantz Urban farm starts to buy 100 ha of land that now support 120 oak trees for timber production and numerous orchards along the sidewalk for pleasant the neighbors. The pilot project hopes to change the city into a global market innovation in horticulture, production and technology. Indoor producers will sell in a local farmer’s market to visitors or distribute to local markets to create a close connection between people and food production.

SOURCE: http://www.hantzfarmsdetroit.com

EDITORS’ NOTE: There is skepticism as to whether a privately-owned, large scale farm constructed in and through one of the poorest communities in the US can deliver the positive effects associated to employment tax. It is also important to consider the environmental value of the pilot project which aims to convert an abandon neighborhoods into an urban farm.

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