Farming the City maps and showcases an initial 20 key city farming projects on an interactive online site. Case study information includes location, type of project (commercial, community, innovation), status (start-up, on-going, completed) and position within the developing local food system (sourcing, preparation, distribution, consumption). The website provides detailed information about current trends and local issues such as land ownership and land use designation, economic and planning policies and citywide urban design initiatives. The farming network works through a subscription and an android application that allows anyone to be involved in a project, by suggesting a new space or marking a void space. This kind of project demonstrates how we can make better use of existing city assets such as green spaces and neglected sites through new technologies (high and low tech).


EDITOR’S NOTE: Farming the City is a project developed by CITIES Foundation, a research institute that communicates via an online magazine. It’s empowering the city-based local food system. Some of the initial 20 projects have been selected to create an urban agriculture bike route in Amsterdam.

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