Farm-Fresh Foods in Vending Machines

The Peter-und-Paul-Hof farm teamed up with the vending machine manufacturer Stuewer to dispense farm-fresh produce, including eggs, milk, cheese and sausage. Theses vending machines are located in thirteen nearby German towns in order to increase availability of such products to residents with little access to a farmer’s market. Launch Video


EDITOR’S NOTE: This project aims to bring fresh, local produce to nearby towns to help off-set some of the costs typically necessary to support the farmer’s market. These vending machines make fresh farm products available to those located away from both the farm and market. Additionally, the machine itself acts as a form of communication for the farm, farmer and his/her products. For success, this kind of urban element need to be located in highly trafficked locations such as transportation hubs. Constraints to this type of distribution system include the time necessary to maintain a continuously “fresh” supply of products in the machine.

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