Edible Public Space

Edible Public Space is an experimental project of food growing in public space in Leeds. The Edible Public Space is based on providing resources for cheap and healthy food allocation within disadvantaged neighborhoods; bringing back an essential element in life of the growing of food; reducing food miles to improve urban sustainability and helping to tackle climate change. It also is redefining the criteria for urban aesthetics and the social functions of public space.

The group members have been involved in delivering several initiatives such as Tinwolf/Landshare, Make Pla(y)ce, Garden 2 Eat, Headingley Community Orchards, Leeds Urban Harvest, Edible City, and Urban Institute. They are advocating or directly trying to implement food growing projects in urban areas, produce share, community building and forms of reconstruction of the Commons.

EDITOR’S NOTE: The group explores the city to identify abandoned plots of land with the potential to be used for urban agriculture. They then work with the council to provide resources and begin new public projects on these sites, often using recycled materials.

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