Deltapark Agropark

The Delta Park represents a combination of non-land-reliant intensive sectors with industrial processing, located on an industrial estate in an urban setting. It combines glasshouse horticulture, protein production, abattoirs, meat processing, waste sorting, recycling, product processing, bio-refinery, the production of organic fertilizers, and activities such as storage and packaging. Effective use of the relatively expensive space is achieved by means of stacking the activities one above the other.

The interaction between sectors has a hi-tech basis, relying on both ICT and biotechnology. The principles of industrial ecology are an exchange of natural fertilizers, organic waste, methane, carbon dioxide and heat between the sectors. The dockside location provides energy supplies and livestock transportation.



EDITOR’S NOTE: This type of “cluster” agriculture is hotly debated. Some claim that the structure creates an environmentally sound, closed eco-system that reduces transport and stress for animals, whilst others argue that it is an intensive farming system that results in further cruelty to animals, and increase risk of disease and the disappearance of family run rural farms.

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