City Slicker Farms

City Slicker Farms is a network of seven farms that operate to provide greater food security by distributing fresh produce on a donation-only basis to the community. The largest of the farms is 1.4 acres and houses farm beds, orchards, chickens, beehives, in addition to a playground, dog run, and lawn.

City Slickers Farms utilize a wide range of tactics to address the environmental and social issues inherent within urban food production. In addition to the education programs and farmer markets, they also collect scraps from local businesses for compost and run a soil testing and garden planning initiative to allow residents to start their own gardens at home.


EDITOR’S NOTE: City Slicker Farms is developing a continuous urban landscape (CPUL) as the program is made from a network of seven community market farms, over 100 backyard gardens, weekly market, greenhouse as well as training and education programs.

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