Cittaslow UK

Cittaslow towns describe themselves as unique, vibrant and prosperous. There’s an art to improving the quality of life in a town; a way in which the community comes together for the common good that generates a passion felt by residents and visitors alike. The goals are a holistic approach that strengthens communities and creates a better daily life.

There are currently 147 Cittaslow towns in 24 countries across the world making Cittaslow an internationally recognized standard. Cittaslow is an accreditation that acknowledges the dedication and commitment of community members who work hard to make their part of the world a healthier, greener, happier, slower place to inhabit. Projects created as a result include community farms, food shares and cooperatives, as well as other nonagricultural, community led ventures.


EDITOR’S NOTE: Cittaslow provides a set of goals to help municipalities work towards sustainable projects and management.

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