Case Studies – Macro

Fiches Etude de cas Macro 1Fiches Etude de cas Macro 3   Fiches Etude de cas Macro 6Fiches Etude de cas Macro 9

Micro-scaled interventions proposed on small sites provide the building blocks for macro-scaled networks of projects. Macro systems provide benefits corresponding to greater legibility and city-wide continuity. To this end, 10 Urban Strategies are derived from the small site sketch studies, summarizing the lessons learned during the design research. They are illustrated via mapping and sketches and can be deployed with the aim of augmenting urban quality through food urbanism initiatives in other cities. The 10 FUI urban strategies include guidelines and measures at the macro planning process scale and at the project design scale. A series of ten plans communicate the urban strategies for the city of Lausanne. They exemplify how these strategies might be conceptualized and implicit what kind of repercussions they could engender. These guidelines are intended to be generic enough to be transferrable to other cities.

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