Boatanic is a new concept in its beginning stages, led by Damian O’Sullivan and supported by the Enviu team, that plans to revolutionize urban farming.

The idea is to revive formerly active tourist boats, used to travel down city canals in cities like Amsterdam, and plant them with an assortment of fruits, vegetables, and herbs. The team hopes to get the project up and running by 2011 in Amsterdam and then expand to other cities. The boats will provide about 500 kg of produce, and supplemented by an out-of-town greenhouse to meet demands. It will also serve as a distributor, traveling from site to site along the city waterways and then delivering by bike. The boat will also offer an educational program aboard to show how it’s done.


EDITOR’S NOTE: The advantage of ‘Boatanic’ is that the greenhouse is transportable, meaning the vegetables that are delivered are as fresh as they can be. The disadvantage is the lack of space it is limited to cities with a good canal or river system.

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