21 acres Community agriculture center

21 Acres is a non-profit organization with a vision to create and operate a vital, open public space for everyone to rediscover the agricultural heritage of Washington region and learn about cutting-edge, sustainable agricultural design and technologies as well as ways to maximize the beneficial aspects of fresh local produce and farm products. The mission is to cultivate, demonstrate and advance systems that support sustainable agriculture. The 21 Acres School offers continuing education classes that focus on principles of sustainable agriculture including those related to not only food and food systems, but also home energy and water conservation, tools for local economic development, and quality of life improvements for local community. The program includes a series of community gardens, a farmers market and a community kitchen for small business activities.

SOURCE: http://21acres.org/

EDITORS’NOTE:The farm mixed management between university, city councils and volunteer  commitment is an interesting departure point for urban farming promotion and new field exploration. It’s also attractive to see a educational community project in an agriculture preserve district.

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