100-Mile Diet

The 100-Mile Diet is a non-fiction book where the authors, Alisa Smith and J.B. MacKinnon, recount their experiences on restricting their diet for a year to foods only grown within 100 miles of their residence. Finding little in grocery stores, they relied on farmers’ markets and visits to local farms. They lacked oils, rice and sugar, and their staple diet included seafood, chicken, root vegetables berries and corn.

The couple first wrote about the experience in articles for the online magazine The Tyee and the popularity of the articles led to a book deal. The 100-mile diet concept was covered by media across North America and also in it’s own television series. The popularity of the concept led to a 100-mile themed breakfast at Vancouver City Hall, local-only dinner parties and 100-mile menus at restaurants.

SOURCE: http://www.100mileradius.ca/

EDITOR’S NOTE: Although the concept of only eating local food already existed this book promoted the ethos and turned it into a popular social movement.


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