Idroponia in aulide

Matera. italy

A model in 1:1 scale hydroponic urban agriculture has been designed and built next to a house in the Sassi Area of Matera ( Basilicata, South Italy ). Hydroponics is a growing technique that uses …
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Urban capacity testing

FUI Parallel Projects 7

Method for calculating neighborhood size and agricultural yields

1. Select Swiss city and plausible site for new construction

2. Calculate capacity of need for case-study area based upon daily population (residential and other)

3. Locate new neighborhood based upon general …
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Ravine city

1255 ravine city portrait

The Toronto Ravine System, running like fingers through the city and housing diverse ecosystems, is Toronto’s defining natural feature. The artificial ravines function much like natural ravines – controlling water flow, cleansing the air as well as creating habitat and …
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