Residents opposed the demolition of a building and the cutting down of trees on the property, in preparation for the building of a school. They organized and decided to use the site for a permaculture garden that is managed seasonally in a sustainable way by a committee. It is conceived of similar to “guerilla gardening” – it is technically temporary however its continued existence is a result of its local success and support.

Urban voids are appropriated by citizens to become productive spaces, even if temporary.  As the city is planning to build a school upon the space, the gardens have infused the space with a community value that has kept the space from being simply a squatted and latent site.

SOURCE: www.swomp.wordpress.com

EDITOR’S NOTE: Demolished residential buildings create vacant space which gives the opportunity to be appropriated by guerilla gardens. Normally this results in a temporary garden, but like in this case if the project is successful and has local support it can become permanent.

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