Union Street Orchard

The Union Street Orchard was a temporary installation of floating and in-ground agriculture. It’s construction was part of the London Festival of Architecture and transformed a parking lot in the SE1 neighborhood of London into an urban orchard and community garden. Its intent was primarily exposure and education to agriculture in the city. The orchard was dismantalled and its components “reinstalled” in gardens around the neighborhood.

Although temporary, the Union Street Orchard was able to transform a niche of a high density neighborhood into a productive space without a large amount of money or input, showing that there is space, motivation and the ability to put agriculture almost anywhere in a city. The community engagement took man.y more forms than simple production, expanding the role of agriculture (in this case) as an urban dynamic agent.

SOURCE: http://www.unionstreetorchard.org.uk/

EDITOR’S NOTE: When the Union Street Urban Orchard came to an end, all the trees and plants were found new homes and relocated onto local estates and existing community gardens in SE1.

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