Sky Vegetables

Sky Vegetables is an entrepreneurial business venture which constructs commercial-scale hydroponic farms on urban rooftops of 10,000 sq ft or more. Their mission is to improve the health and nutrition of city populations and provide new jobs and educational opportunities through these commercially viable rooftop farms.

They offer a 12-month, closed system growing plan accomplished through hydroponic greenhouses, composting, wind turbines, and solar panels. This company commodifies the urban rooftop farm into a package. Commercial building owners, such as supermarkets, partner with Sky Vegetables to turn unused space into a source of fresh, local produce.


EDITOR’S NOTE: Sky vegetables has developed a commercially viable rooftop hydroponic greenhouse system which uses technology to ensure a high yield, profitable crop. Sky vegetables builds and maintains the greenhouse system and in return the partner company commits to buying the produce thus giving the partner company access to fresh organic food all year round. This “business farm” is constructed around a model of profitability capitalizing on the savings incurred from short delivery and the increasing desire for locally grown food. Unless explicit in its commitment to open acces to its infrastructure to the community for some greater benefit, this model carries little social value.

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