Food Urbanism Sessions at the IFLA 2011 Congress in Zurich

Food Urbanism will be one of the dozen topics being discussed at this year’s annual International Federation of Landscape Architects congress in Zurich. On Monday, June 27, two sessions will feature presentations from eight speakers currently preparing work and research in the field of Food Urbanism.

Session 1  – Defining Parameters of and for the Movement

Andre Viljoen – “CPUL City: An evolving design strategy and case for food urbanism”

Monika Jäggi – “Urban agriculture as an instrument of sustainable city planning: A case study from Toronto, Canada”

Monica Bueno Leme – “Street Food: A cultural interaction”

Mia Lehrer – “Sustainable Subsistence – bringing people and producer together!”

Session 2 – Terms of Interventions, Pilot Projects & Design Approaches

Christoph Kasper – “Food and urban design – Scales of research – The Casablanca Case”

Daniel Roehr – “Farming in parks. Loutet Farm pilot project, City of North Vancouver, B.C. Canada”

Silvia Benedito – “Lisbon goes thick! Urban agriculture as structural figures in the city”

Christian Werthmann – “Landscape operations in the non-formal city”



About Craig Verzone

Craig P. Verzone is a principal at Verzone Woods Architectes and team leader of the Food Urbanism Initiative.

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