Brooklyn Grange

Brooklyn Grange Farm is a 1-acre rooftop garden on top of a 1919 industrial building in Queens, New York. The Farm is a commercial enterprise, selling produce to restaurants and businesses, as well as directly to the consumer through two off-site markets. The Brooklyn Grange Farm sees the expansive industrial rooftops, typical in many urban settings, as an underutilized resource where food production ventures can be sited. Because of the scale of the roof top farm, a lightweight synthetic soil composed of organic material and porous stone is laid 20 cm thick on top of a green roof system which protects the roof and addresses the water retention and drainage issues of the farm.


EDITOR’S NOTE: Although Brooklyn Grange functions as a privately owned enterprise, it is a community oriented venture which is open to the public. School groups, families and volunteers are encouraged to visit, participate and learn.

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